Monday, August 21, 2006

Gibbons fights with Lilly, Blue Jays' ship has sunk

Ed McElvain

Jay Gibbons, manager of the Toronto Blue Jays got into a fight with a player on his team during a game tonight. Yeah. A physical fight. During a Major League Baseball game.

Apparently, Ted Lilly didn't like being taken out in the 3rd inning (after giving up 7 runs) or the way he was taken out and let Mgr. Gibbons know about it on the mound. Gibbons jawed back at him, as expected. Once in the tunnel, either Lilly found the magic word or Gibbons just got fed up with the verbal assault. Gibbons followed Lilly into the tunnel, to come out later with a bloody nose. A cameraman reportedly saw (but did not capture for the rest of us) Gibbons push Lilly first.

This from the man who reportedly challenged Shea Hillenbrand to a fight after Hillenbrand wrote that the Jays "ship was sinking" on the lockeroom message board. My guess is that it's sinking due to having a hotheaded 12 year old at the helm.

In the Hillenbrand situation, Jays' GM J.P. Ricciardi sided with Gibbons and immediately designated one of the team's best hitters for assignment, giving every other team in the MLB a clear sign that it was "rip off the Blue Jays" time.

Last offseason showed that Ricciardi is certainly not afraid to pull the trigger on a big move to help his club. If Jay Gibbons still has a job by the end of the week, let alone next spring, J.P. Ricciardi is an idiot. Fighting with players during a game is not the way you run a winning ball team. This is Major League know, the pinnacle of professional baseball.


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