Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mike Popelka

I'm a Midwest gentleman who has recently moved to Seattle. I teach middle school science and enjoy beer, music, scotch, reading, bourbon, and eating. Although a Cubs fan, I'm currently lost in the muck that is life in an American League city. I've thrown 2 no hitters in video game baseball: one with Dwight Gooden in RBI, and the other with Frank Viola in World Series Baseball.


Blogger Jed said...

So, this is strange... I am cruising around the internet, looking for a baseball themed math lesson I once saw done... because I want to teach it to my special ed kids. Odd, though, that I should stumble upon this blog. I poked around a bit and looked at a picture of you and I am pretty sure (in the 99% range) that we were pals back in the day in Phoenix. We lived on Yucca Street I think. I'm Jed. You're Mike. We raged. Perhaps I am wrong... and perhaps you don't do anything with this blog anymore. But, hey... it's worth a shot.

Peace from back in the late '80s
Jed Hayes

1:35 PM  

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